Darley Fields Update

Various things to report.
1. The Gypsies should be gone by Friday as they are, apparently, here for a wake.
2. Apparently the information I received regarding the police was wrong. Sorry! The gypsies had already established themselves on the fields by the time the police arrived (which took a couple of hours as they were all involved in the Derby County parade).

Up to the minute news is useless if it’s wrong……sorry to those whose good names I have besmirched…. 😉

More news (hopefully correct….), as and when I get it!

Gypsies Update

We have been informed by the parks dept. that the park Rangers did try and stop the gypsies getting onto the park by parking vans in their way. However, the police actually made the rangers move out of the way to let the gypsies onto our park!!!!

Unbelievable! As always, if you want to contact the police, you can ring them on 0845 123 3333.

New Lamp Tops

The Residents Association have been carrying out a survey along Chester Green Road and St. Paul’s Road regarding new lamps tops, as we have been asked by many residents to try and get lamps tops fitted to match the ones along the cycle path. So far we have not received any objections and we will now be taking this further with the Council.